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A virtual assistant is an extension of your business, taking on a multitude of tasks and freeing you up to do what you do best.

Are there specific skill areas you struggle with that take up too much time?

Maybe you have a handful of time-consuming and repetitive processes taking up space in your mind.

These are some of the things that a VA can help with.

Aside from bringing in skills you may not already have in your business, hiring a virtual assistant means you can handover tasks, pay only for the time taken to do those tasks and have them handed back, complete, to the timeline agreed.

You don’t pay for tea breaks and bathroom breaks, sick days, annual leave or any other of costs associated with having employees.

You won’t pay for hours over what has been agreed. Our Retainer Packages start at 10+ hours per month. Hours are invoiced and due for payment upfront. This guarantees your time each month.

Find out more about our rates on the Prices page.

No. We use LastPass to share login details which means we never need to know your login credentials and passwords.

Documents are shared over Drop Box, OneDrive and Google Drive.

This is always the trickiest part of hiring a virtual assistant, deciding what it is you want to handover.

Think about skilled tasks that you aren’t so experienced with; repetitive and time-consuming tasks; like-to-have tasks such as bringing all your documents up to date with branding; or updating contact lists; or it could be you need to become consistent with marketing and social media and haven’t found the time to create and implement a strategy.

There are so many things a VA can help with, and we will ensure you are placed with the best one to offer you that service.

Please see our Services page for more information.

The team here at KD-VA have a wealth of experience across administration, office management, social media scheduling, email marketing, diary management and detox, email management, Health & Safety, finance, and human resource administration.

All clients will be asked to sign a Client Agreement.

Retainer Packages are on a 3-month minimum contract with 30 days notice period.