KD-VA is made up of a team of individuals all working to be as sustainable as possible both in their homes and in their work. Here are some of the ways we are doing our part:

  • No business cards. Instead, we use digital business cards on our phone that can be scanned with a QR code or emailed. You can also contact us at or on Facebook or LinkedIn.

  • Fortunately, as virtual assistants, being paper free is par for the course! Nothing is printed, ever!

  • At home we work hard to reduce our waste and our use of plastics, where that’s not possible, we use, and pay for, a local recycling company to collect the items that our council does not recycle as well as taking recyclable items to a local supermarket, collection point and recycling centre.

  • Most client meetings are carried out over Zoom to reduce travel and keep our emissions low.

  • Some of the team, and their families, are also vegetarian or vegan. We use water butts to collect rainwater and veggie remnants are sent to compost. 

Sustainability is a work in progress and we are always seeking new ways to improve our impact on the planet.